Thursday, January 28, 2010

here we go!

I am on here simply because I have liked doing my lil blippit blogs on myspace and facebook.  I joined with 4 other friends to do a group blog ( a fox) on here, so this is my own!  It's just another way to get out there and share stories and photos with people!  I like to think of my life as a dramedy....starting primarily with my marriage to my WONDERFUL husband, Chris.  We have only been married since June 16, 2007.....and I think our "honeymoon phase" was a bit closer to the "lifetime movie phase"....but it's entertaining nonetheless.

I just started on my own at a new salon, Uniquely U.  It's a bit scary, not gonna lie, but it's so fun and so far has been nothing but a great experience.  I love what I do, and am so blessed and happy to say that I also love where I do it! Finally!

Don't know how much I will blog here....but definitely check out for tips on being crafty, geeky, crunchy, savvy, and STYLISH....all like a fox!