Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Summer, ye evil wench.....

The first day of summer is Monday, June 21, 2010.  16 weeks and 6 days from today.  Oh, joy.  The hot days of summer....of swimming and playing, barbeques, and SHORRRRTS!


Well, happy readers, this year I am determined to get it together.  For real.  No, I'm serious.  Yes....more serious than the 800 other times I have said this exact sentence.  100%.  This hairstylin housewife has been covered up a few too many summers and I have decided that 2010 is my year.  I also write for another blog (...like a fox!) where I have posted my "before" picture along with my stats.  I have received an amazing amount of support from our readers and we even have a facebook page to share our weight loss goals as well as tips and recipes (Slim by Summer)  I am so happy over the support and even more excited over all these levels of accountability (...i think lol)  Come summer, I will be one foxy hairstylin' housewife! 

What I discovered from day one/yesterday:
1- you really can put on an extra 2 lbs by eating like a mad woman before your diet starts....whoops
2- you can have 39 pretzel sticks vs 22 pretzel twists for the same amount of points (2 weight watcher points)....sticks it is!
3- even at my most motivated (day one....) I can still find ways around exercise......
4- splenda with fiber lets me have my coffee and creamer, too
5- quaker true delights instant oatmeal in blueberry muffin flavor is SO good and filling!
6- I have an amazing group of women supporting me and too many foxes to mention getting on board!  this time, I REALLY WILL DO THIS!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Domestic Goddess Day (aka: Monday).....again

So.  A few weeks ago, Chris and I had one of our famous zingers over the tragic job of housewifery.  He works A LOT.  A lot, a lot.  I have  the beauty of working when I have work.  Otherwise, I am free to run errands, take lunch with friends, etc. etc.  He is a wonderful provider, but other than taking out the trash once a week.....does zippola around the house.  God love him.  When he does take out the trash, he wants a 14k gold medal.  When I clean the whole entire house he never even notices. Like I said, tragic.  Anyway, he came home after a particularly rough work day and I had been doing some color clients all morning and had not been home to get the house ready for our soon-to-be house guest....his nana.  Round one!  "What do you do all day?!"  "I work!!"  "I can't believe the soaps aren't on!" "I can't believe you can even walk with your head so far up your----"  Well.  You see how this went.

So thinking it over.....I work while I am at home!  I do!  If it gets cleaned, scrubbed, laundered, vacuumed, even the occaisional cooked, it's this girl that does it.  And what is the thanks I get?!  Asking me "What do you do all day?"  Death.  I will light the mattress on fire and it will be on Lifetime...."The Monica story: A Woman Scorned" and the whole word will sympathized with ME. -sigh-

So....thinking it over again....there is more I can do.  Chris works too hard to come home and to not have clean undies everyday.  He deserves a home cooked meal once in a while.  He should not have to suffer long work days only to come home to a sometimes not fully de-cluttered house.  Yes.  It's true.  Therefore I made this decree: From this day forth, Monday shall be forevermore known as Domestic Goddess Day....I will ensure laundry is caught up, the kitchen is cleaned, bathrooms are sanitized, and even a meal prepared.  I will be Donna Reed on this day in honor of arguably the best Domestic Goddess to make modern day women's skin crawl.  Yes!  And in exchange, you merely must acknowledge the fact that I am amazing and that the house you work so hard to provide is kept to perfection by me.  I demand commendation--and to never fuss at me again if my own out-of-home work load prevents me from providing you clean undies.....you CAN do it yourself every now and then, ya know!

And really....being a Domestic Goddess isn't so bad.  I still work on my own schedule and have the satisfaction of keeping a clean and organized home while being able to still do my own thing.  (i.e. this blog)

Happy DGD!