Thursday, April 22, 2010

so about last night.......

Upon calling the dr's office first thing this morning, everything works out.....she said to not worry about the first's only really $15....holla.  The lab bill?  They did not discount it, and they should have. A new bill will be mailed to us with a "significant" discount.  I feel the love.  To top it off........our ultrasound was amazing.  Amazing.  I know all soon-to-be parents say that, but now I understand.  While it's still a bit surreal....seeing something actually in there....took my breath away.  I can't even tell you Chris' reaction to the whole thing as I was so mesmerized....then the heartbeat!  Chris recorded it on his phone, so we have texted it to as many people that we knew could receieve an audio file. 

It's just crazy how you mix A with B and you

"Mowgli" or "lil Spidey" :)

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

stress, ye overfloweth

So while this whole pregnancy thing is very, very exciting and we are happy, etc about it all.......along with it comes the stress of not currently having any insurance.  Chris switched jobs about 6ish weeks ago, and it'll be about another 6 weeks before his insurance picks up.  Baby and I were a bit nervous, but figured it would all work itself out.....Chris was super stressed.  I made some calls and it turns out that we can just pay out of pocket for the first little bit with seemingly low expense......seemingly.

When I called to check on what to do until insurance arrives, the lady told me it was only $50 per office visit, and then to have the first ultrasound done and read, $125.  Doable.  So we made the appointment, went in, fantastic.  Badda bing badda boom 2 weeks later and 2 days before the scheduled (and MUCH anticipated) ultrasound we get the medical bills in the mail.  Not only was the office visit $100 instead of said $50, but we got whopped with a lab bill (hello, pelvic exam) for $155.  Now I realize we should have asked about extra costs with tests and things, so the lab bill I am really not so upset about (I mean it was bad enough having that done with Chris in the friggin room where he kept peeking around his magazine he was "reading" and getting himself thoroughly traumatized)....but the extra $50?!  C'mon!  All you did was make sure I was pregnant---not by a blood test, mind you, just by a simple pee test.  SO!  Don't think you're gonna charge me for what I already did at home TWICE before I came into your office to tell me what I, hello, already knew!  Hmpf! 

So last night I told Chris about the bill and he's all "THEY LIED!" and growling all over the place...which, of course, gets me aggitated.....but I couldn't do anything about it til the morning.  This morning I get up and call the dr's office to hear this message, "Thank you for calling the office of Dr. Mark Pascuzzi and Joanna Miller.  Our office hours are Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday 8:30-4:30.  Every 1st, 3rd, and 5th Wednesday 8:30-12, and every 2nd and 4th Wednesday we are closed.  If you need to reach Dr. Pascuzzi or Joanna Miller, please call the hospital.  This machine does not receive recordings." BEEP

are. you. freaking. SERIOUS?!  And to beat all, IT'S THE THIRD WEDNESDAY OF THE MONTH! I must have called 20 times.  So now I have to call first thing in the morning to a) raise hell over the extra $50 on the bill, and b) make sure the ultrasound is really $125 and not $5000.....because their "creative accounting"  as Chris calls it is not doing us any favors at the moment.

So.....a little stressed out.  The good news is that the next time we need to go in we should be covered under Chris' insurance.  I did get in touch with my Aflac guy today to get my claim forms going, so c'mon Aflac and show me the money! will all work out like I originally thought......but my oh my it's been a crazy day in the Shearer house.....

Thursday, April 15, 2010

the News of the Day

So, I have not posted anywhere for quite a few weeks......for those that were bothered by this (lol), I apologize.  My poor likeafox blog has suffered (again, lol).  However, I have some exciting news for those of you who have not seen it already on facebook:  We are pregnant!

It comes quite a bit unexpected, but it's not like we were really preventing.  We had just "successfully" not gotten prego since November, so we knew the rhythm method was, I suppose, working for us.  With that being said, if I hear Chris say, "One shot! One kill!" one more time....I will shoot him myself. 

I was 8 weeks as of Tuesday, and so far -knockonwood- have been feeling just fine.  I have started to feel more queasy as the days go by, but nothing to put a stop to me.  I notice I am tired and that I really can smell just about anything.....but again, feel just about normal.  We went to the dr last week for confirmation, and Chris has not been the same since.  He's been very doting and sweet, and it almost makes me think I'll have 20 kids because of it.  Almost.  Our first ultrasound will be next Thursday and I can hardly wait!!  I am praying that everything shows nothing but goodness and I am ready to hear that heartbeat. 

With all of that being said, this little bundle o' goodness puts all my dieting plans on hold for a while, but maybe by NEXT summer I will be a smokin hot mama....literally!  Now the plan is to gain, at most, 20 pounds, instead of lose it.  I think I can I think I can.....the problem with feeling mostly good right now is that I am not really hungry most of the day....but when hunger hits, it STRIKES WITH A VENGANCE and everything sounds good.  I thought I would kill Chris last night if he didn't stop and get me some magic shell for my ice cream.  He didn't.  I lived.  And by the time we got home, I wanted something salty anyway because he mentioned popcorn.

Weirdenss.  I'm telling you.

Anyway.....I will keep you all posted on this little journey of mine for the next 32 weeks.  Feel free to leave any advice, moms....I'm not afraid to take it!

Friday, March 12, 2010

I know I just blogged, BUT.....

This is a quickie post giving the love to my husband.  We are going on a "couple's retreat"  of sorts, and I'm tellin  ya it's needed lol.....just to get away and spend some quality time together.  That's right....quality time.  I think sometimes in the midst of trying to figure out who I really am on a daily basis, I forget that I need to also pay attention to who my husband is.  Yes, he is cantankerous, awnry, stubborn, beligerent, and a bit aggrivating......but more than that he is funny, kind, masculine (rar!), generous beyond measure, patient-ish, and sincere.  (notice how I didn't place my faults in there....I'm trying to keep this one short, kids)

It's hard to admit, but a lot of the time I tend to overlook his amazing qualities not only as a husband and strong provider, but as a man.  A man's man.  Someone who is able to kill a spider, change my oil, build ANYthing, and still be able to melt my heart just by holding my hand.  He is quietly compassionate and overtly my he-man.  I love him....for all the things he does, and for all the things he brings out in me.  It's sad that I don't always acknowledge it on a daily basis as he is always the in and day out.  Maybe that's it.....I take him for granted......but don't we all? 

3-12-06.......4 years ago I let him call me his girlfriend for the first time after 2 years of me asking about him, and the previous 2 weeks of him asking me, "are you my girlfriend yet?!"  I saw in him then so many amazing things that made my head spin.....and I see all of those things and so much more today.

I love you, meme.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

how YOU doin?!

I feel like I should report at least a little bit!

If you are keeping up on the facebook page, you will know that in two weeks I lost 5.6lbs, of which I am very proud! Well, hopping on the scale this morning (because getting on the scales before I am really supposed to is a sickness of mine), I am down 7.2lbs which means......I am in the 170's! 179.6 (remember I 'fessed up to binging a little before the start date and put on a few....disasterous) to be exact and it feels good to not see an "8" anymore (and hopefully never again!). 12.8 more pounds to get to my goal weight....and then maybe, just maybe, I'll try to get 10 more off. Or maybe I have other plans.......we'll have to wait and see! ;) Either way, this is the best I have felt in a long time and I am suuuuuuuper happy about it!

This weekend is going to be my first real test, though. My husband and I are going with some friends out of town, and many of the plans include specific restaurants they want to eat at....."oh! we HAVE to eat breakfast here!" and "we MUST get dinner there!" and "those pancakes are to DIE for" Oh my. Oh my oh my. Oh my thighs oh my. It's ok, though. I have really been watching my intake this week and when I have cleaned I have done so with such vigor as to make Richard Simmons proud. I am going to be packing a bag full of my healthy snacks so as not to over-eat at dinner (or breakfast, for that matter) Wish me luck! My scales are coming with so I can do my official Sunday morning weigh-in.....and then I can relax a little since Sunday is my cheat day......and I am ready for that, Lord knows!

If you haven't yet, join the facebook event! The only thing you have to lose is the weight! 15 weeks left til summer! Share your recipes and tips, and get encouragement from all the foxes!

And as if the fb event and the a fox blog weren't plugs enough.....I now present you with my entry to Progressive Insurance's Help Flo audition......that's right!  I entered!  Right now, I am just trying to get a lot of hits on their site, and get a LOT of positive comments to try and ensure that the judges notice me.  The top ten are decided by judges, then it goes to public vote.  SO, there is nothing to "vote on" right now, but check it out and leave me some LOVE!  After the public votes on the top 10, the top 3 are flown to L.A. for an audition, and whoever wins that gets to be in a commercial with Flo.  Amazing?!  I think so!  So here ya go!


Monday, March 1, 2010

Week one, a summary

So.....I hope your week was great!  I did surprisingly well other than the fact I literally did not exercise once.  I can partially blame it on the fact Chris did not bring home his playstation that he took up to church, so I didn't have anything to play my dvds on for a while (the dvd players we have are in smaller, non-leg-lifting-friendly rooms).....but I can only use that excuse til about Wednesday.  So.  However, my diet was stellar.  I had a few nights where I raided the kitchen, but I still stayed within my weekly points when I did that (hello, spoonful of peanut I love thee).  The big weigh-in was yesterday as Sunday is my day when I dive head-first into saved weekly points, so I was officially down exactly 4 whopping pounds!  YAY!  I am really hoping for 2 more this week, and then I will be fine to just go down a pound a week after that. 

I have a slightly busy day ahead of me today: I have to mail off a knitting care package (it's a surprise, so I can't say who-to), go to a meeting at work, take pictures for that website, go get my tattoo (I will post pics's an add-on to my one for my Luke), come home, EXERCISE, clean house and do laundry....and maybe have dinner cooked for when Chris gets home from work around 5:30.  We'll see how I do.....I think I am late, already........

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Summer, ye evil wench.....

The first day of summer is Monday, June 21, 2010.  16 weeks and 6 days from today.  Oh, joy.  The hot days of summer....of swimming and playing, barbeques, and SHORRRRTS!


Well, happy readers, this year I am determined to get it together.  For real.  No, I'm serious.  Yes....more serious than the 800 other times I have said this exact sentence.  100%.  This hairstylin housewife has been covered up a few too many summers and I have decided that 2010 is my year.  I also write for another blog ( a fox!) where I have posted my "before" picture along with my stats.  I have received an amazing amount of support from our readers and we even have a facebook page to share our weight loss goals as well as tips and recipes (Slim by Summer)  I am so happy over the support and even more excited over all these levels of accountability (...i think lol)  Come summer, I will be one foxy hairstylin' housewife! 

What I discovered from day one/yesterday:
1- you really can put on an extra 2 lbs by eating like a mad woman before your diet starts....whoops
2- you can have 39 pretzel sticks vs 22 pretzel twists for the same amount of points (2 weight watcher points)....sticks it is!
3- even at my most motivated (day one....) I can still find ways around exercise......
4- splenda with fiber lets me have my coffee and creamer, too
5- quaker true delights instant oatmeal in blueberry muffin flavor is SO good and filling!
6- I have an amazing group of women supporting me and too many foxes to mention getting on board!  this time, I REALLY WILL DO THIS!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Domestic Goddess Day (aka: Monday).....again

So.  A few weeks ago, Chris and I had one of our famous zingers over the tragic job of housewifery.  He works A LOT.  A lot, a lot.  I have  the beauty of working when I have work.  Otherwise, I am free to run errands, take lunch with friends, etc. etc.  He is a wonderful provider, but other than taking out the trash once a week.....does zippola around the house.  God love him.  When he does take out the trash, he wants a 14k gold medal.  When I clean the whole entire house he never even notices. Like I said, tragic.  Anyway, he came home after a particularly rough work day and I had been doing some color clients all morning and had not been home to get the house ready for our soon-to-be house guest....his nana.  Round one!  "What do you do all day?!"  "I work!!"  "I can't believe the soaps aren't on!" "I can't believe you can even walk with your head so far up your----"  Well.  You see how this went.

So thinking it over.....I work while I am at home!  I do!  If it gets cleaned, scrubbed, laundered, vacuumed, even the occaisional cooked, it's this girl that does it.  And what is the thanks I get?!  Asking me "What do you do all day?"  Death.  I will light the mattress on fire and it will be on Lifetime...."The Monica story: A Woman Scorned" and the whole word will sympathized with ME. -sigh-

So....thinking it over again....there is more I can do.  Chris works too hard to come home and to not have clean undies everyday.  He deserves a home cooked meal once in a while.  He should not have to suffer long work days only to come home to a sometimes not fully de-cluttered house.  Yes.  It's true.  Therefore I made this decree: From this day forth, Monday shall be forevermore known as Domestic Goddess Day....I will ensure laundry is caught up, the kitchen is cleaned, bathrooms are sanitized, and even a meal prepared.  I will be Donna Reed on this day in honor of arguably the best Domestic Goddess to make modern day women's skin crawl.  Yes!  And in exchange, you merely must acknowledge the fact that I am amazing and that the house you work so hard to provide is kept to perfection by me.  I demand commendation--and to never fuss at me again if my own out-of-home work load prevents me from providing you clean CAN do it yourself every now and then, ya know!

And really....being a Domestic Goddess isn't so bad.  I still work on my own schedule and have the satisfaction of keeping a clean and organized home while being able to still do my own thing.  (i.e. this blog)

Happy DGD!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

here we go!

I am on here simply because I have liked doing my lil blippit blogs on myspace and facebook.  I joined with 4 other friends to do a group blog ( a fox) on here, so this is my own!  It's just another way to get out there and share stories and photos with people!  I like to think of my life as a dramedy....starting primarily with my marriage to my WONDERFUL husband, Chris.  We have only been married since June 16, 2007.....and I think our "honeymoon phase" was a bit closer to the "lifetime movie phase"....but it's entertaining nonetheless.

I just started on my own at a new salon, Uniquely U.  It's a bit scary, not gonna lie, but it's so fun and so far has been nothing but a great experience.  I love what I do, and am so blessed and happy to say that I also love where I do it! Finally!

Don't know how much I will blog here....but definitely check out for tips on being crafty, geeky, crunchy, savvy, and STYLISH....all like a fox!