Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Summer, ye evil wench.....

The first day of summer is Monday, June 21, 2010.  16 weeks and 6 days from today.  Oh, joy.  The hot days of summer....of swimming and playing, barbeques, and SHORRRRTS!


Well, happy readers, this year I am determined to get it together.  For real.  No, I'm serious.  Yes....more serious than the 800 other times I have said this exact sentence.  100%.  This hairstylin housewife has been covered up a few too many summers and I have decided that 2010 is my year.  I also write for another blog (...like a fox!) where I have posted my "before" picture along with my stats.  I have received an amazing amount of support from our readers and we even have a facebook page to share our weight loss goals as well as tips and recipes (Slim by Summer)  I am so happy over the support and even more excited over all these levels of accountability (...i think lol)  Come summer, I will be one foxy hairstylin' housewife! 

What I discovered from day one/yesterday:
1- you really can put on an extra 2 lbs by eating like a mad woman before your diet starts....whoops
2- you can have 39 pretzel sticks vs 22 pretzel twists for the same amount of points (2 weight watcher points)....sticks it is!
3- even at my most motivated (day one....) I can still find ways around exercise......
4- splenda with fiber lets me have my coffee and creamer, too
5- quaker true delights instant oatmeal in blueberry muffin flavor is SO good and filling!
6- I have an amazing group of women supporting me and too many foxes to mention getting on board!  this time, I REALLY WILL DO THIS!

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  1. Thanks for starting this girl!!! Its exactly what I needed to get in gear!!! You ROCK and are Ahhhhhhhhhmazing!!! Makes me say "Hey Summer...I aint skeerd!" haha