Monday, March 1, 2010

Week one, a summary

So.....I hope your week was great!  I did surprisingly well other than the fact I literally did not exercise once.  I can partially blame it on the fact Chris did not bring home his playstation that he took up to church, so I didn't have anything to play my dvds on for a while (the dvd players we have are in smaller, non-leg-lifting-friendly rooms).....but I can only use that excuse til about Wednesday.  So.  However, my diet was stellar.  I had a few nights where I raided the kitchen, but I still stayed within my weekly points when I did that (hello, spoonful of peanut I love thee).  The big weigh-in was yesterday as Sunday is my day when I dive head-first into saved weekly points, so I was officially down exactly 4 whopping pounds!  YAY!  I am really hoping for 2 more this week, and then I will be fine to just go down a pound a week after that. 

I have a slightly busy day ahead of me today: I have to mail off a knitting care package (it's a surprise, so I can't say who-to), go to a meeting at work, take pictures for that website, go get my tattoo (I will post pics's an add-on to my one for my Luke), come home, EXERCISE, clean house and do laundry....and maybe have dinner cooked for when Chris gets home from work around 5:30.  We'll see how I do.....I think I am late, already........


  1. Wow,four pounds! That is great! Congrats!!

  2. I've been meaning to say on your last post about cleaning that Mike and I argue weekely about that same thing. And I am just so thankful that you have taken such a humbling stance on the whole thing. I hope to sometime in the near future push myself to have such a servants heart. Thanks Monica!