Thursday, April 15, 2010

the News of the Day

So, I have not posted anywhere for quite a few weeks......for those that were bothered by this (lol), I apologize.  My poor likeafox blog has suffered (again, lol).  However, I have some exciting news for those of you who have not seen it already on facebook:  We are pregnant!

It comes quite a bit unexpected, but it's not like we were really preventing.  We had just "successfully" not gotten prego since November, so we knew the rhythm method was, I suppose, working for us.  With that being said, if I hear Chris say, "One shot! One kill!" one more time....I will shoot him myself. 

I was 8 weeks as of Tuesday, and so far -knockonwood- have been feeling just fine.  I have started to feel more queasy as the days go by, but nothing to put a stop to me.  I notice I am tired and that I really can smell just about anything.....but again, feel just about normal.  We went to the dr last week for confirmation, and Chris has not been the same since.  He's been very doting and sweet, and it almost makes me think I'll have 20 kids because of it.  Almost.  Our first ultrasound will be next Thursday and I can hardly wait!!  I am praying that everything shows nothing but goodness and I am ready to hear that heartbeat. 

With all of that being said, this little bundle o' goodness puts all my dieting plans on hold for a while, but maybe by NEXT summer I will be a smokin hot mama....literally!  Now the plan is to gain, at most, 20 pounds, instead of lose it.  I think I can I think I can.....the problem with feeling mostly good right now is that I am not really hungry most of the day....but when hunger hits, it STRIKES WITH A VENGANCE and everything sounds good.  I thought I would kill Chris last night if he didn't stop and get me some magic shell for my ice cream.  He didn't.  I lived.  And by the time we got home, I wanted something salty anyway because he mentioned popcorn.

Weirdenss.  I'm telling you.

Anyway.....I will keep you all posted on this little journey of mine for the next 32 weeks.  Feel free to leave any advice, moms....I'm not afraid to take it!


  1. I am BEYONG excited and happy for you both!!! It's an amazing journey and will bring you even closer than you knew possible! I've got LOTS of advice and tips...just ask!!! Love ya girl!!! You are gonna be one foxy preggo!!!


  2. Yay for bloggin mamas! I love it! I truly hope you get nothing but queasy, and that doesn't turn into anything else!

  3. How did I miss this fun blog of yours?! I'm so excited for you and Chris and praying along with you for the only the best of news! I can't wait to read all the updates of your progress. I'm secretly hoping you get a little "mini-me" just like I did because you just haven't lived until you've been on the receiving end of all the crap you gave your parents! But I'm also finding that there is nothing sweeter than a baby boy, so either way, you are good to go! I love you so much and I'm so happy for you Mommy Monica!


  4. thanks, ladies! it's definitely exciting and i plan to keep you all posted as the days go by! :) love you ALL!!