Thursday, April 22, 2010

so about last night.......

Upon calling the dr's office first thing this morning, everything works out.....she said to not worry about the first's only really $15....holla.  The lab bill?  They did not discount it, and they should have. A new bill will be mailed to us with a "significant" discount.  I feel the love.  To top it off........our ultrasound was amazing.  Amazing.  I know all soon-to-be parents say that, but now I understand.  While it's still a bit surreal....seeing something actually in there....took my breath away.  I can't even tell you Chris' reaction to the whole thing as I was so mesmerized....then the heartbeat!  Chris recorded it on his phone, so we have texted it to as many people that we knew could receieve an audio file. 

It's just crazy how you mix A with B and you

"Mowgli" or "lil Spidey" :)

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